The legacy of International Building Exhibition Emscher Park; a review project 20 years later

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International Building Exhibition (IBA) is an innovative strategy dealing with urban challenges and creates experimental atmosphere to bring out the regional potentials. Especially, IBA Emscher Park (1988-1998) has been recognized as a classic case study to see how the Ruhr region has transformed the gloomy heavy-industrial image into a brand-new one with more sustainable concerns. The research makes a comprehensive review of the project after it’s finished for 20 years and evaluates what’s the pattern of legacies and any other additional values that the project has brought to the region. Besides, the research also discusses the maintenance mechanism of those legacies and provides some guidelines for further researches. According to the research, there are indeed plenty of tangible and intangible legacies that IBA has left such as ecologically revitalizing water system and landscape, socially empowering citizenship, politically consolidating regional cooperation, economically boosting regional competitiveness and so on, and the further influences are affected even nationally and internationally. However, several challenges both the Ruhr region and IBAs are facing, such as lack of strong visions and the standard of experimental implementation. At the end, the research points out several debates about the legacy topic and provides some recommendations about the regional development as well as future IBA implementation.
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