Job Sharing Practices in Strategic Leadership Positions. A qualitative practice research at the Dutch National Police

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The aim of this study is to gain insight into the possible benefits, drawbacks and conditions of job sharing practices within strategic leadership positions, focusing on both the job sharer and the organization. The findings of this study are based on a practice approach, combining the Interview To The Double method, shadowing practices, and interviews within the Dutch National Police. The participants of this study indicate as main benefits of job sharing an improvement of work-life balance and personal development for the job sharers, resulting in enhanced productivity as main organizational benefit. Besides, job sharing practices are indicated as solution to increase diversity within strategic leadership positions. As downside of job sharing practices are mentioned the energy, time and double costs of employee benefits, and the possible ambiguity that might arise within the organization. However, certain conditions, such as a good preparation and being a progressive organization could minimalize these drawbacks. In this way, this study shows how the drawbacks of job sharing practices within strategic leadership positions could be erased, revealing the potential for organizational change towards greater diversity within strategic leadership positions due to job sharing practices.
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