Cardiffood. A taste of the future: a strategy for food-led urban transformation

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Alongside the growing attention to the economic and security aspects of food systems, the role of food planning in sustainable governance is still neglected. The post-modern governance aims at regulating and optimising the physical and institutional changes in cities by different strategic scopes. This study sought examining a new approach to urban development by providing a food-led strategy for controlling urban transformation in Cardiff City and answering the following questions based on a qualitative research method: a) what is the link between food planning and urban transformation? b) what are the conditions, potentials, key actors and barriers on the way of Cardiff food-led transformation? c) how can street food regulations in Cardiff help city transformation? d) what does Cardiff Food-led transformation look like? The results show that food planning has a great potential to determine a comprehensive development strategy for physical, cultural and institutional transformation in a city. The strategy suggests cultural innovation, change in the city structure and new form of partnership in governance and institutional relation. Cardiff Street Food illustrates an empirical case to practice the strategy in more details and examine its feasibility. Key words: Food system, urban transformation, street food, Cardiff City.
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