Cultural factors of the social interaction in policy transfer processes: Dutch experts working in Kampala and Cape Town

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Policy transfer is a growing method in the field of policy making, especially when developed countries expand their practices to developing countries trying to improve life quality and pace up urban development. This is the case of Dutch experts providing guidance to solve urban and mobility challenges in Kampala and Cape Town. Local policy-makers interacted with Dutch experts in a learning process where both were seeking for options that would help them to solve their planning problems. Understanding the particularities of each culture, enabled a deeper insight on the factors influencing social interaction between experts, namely transfer agents, and at the same time on the impacts over policy transfer processes. Moreover, the research also seeks to get a deeper insight of how cultural preconceptions can facilitate or hinder the understanding of new knowledge and thus on the outcomes of policy transfer processes. The study adopts an integrated scope to understand the phenomena of the research. Previous studies have been putting too much emphasis on isolated topics in policy transfer, such as social interaction, cultural aspects or classification of processes, instead how understanding how these affect each other.
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