Capturing a transnational arena. An ethnographic study on the attitudes of femal Ghananians regarding migration to "Destination Europe"

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In our globalizing world images of cross-border relationships are getting more and more common and important. Transnational spaces are being shaped and they in turn can create contrasting attitudes towards migration. Getting to know these attitudes is vitally important for our field of research to understand the motivations, expectations and sorrows that people have about their personal migration process. This study tells a story about people, Ghanaian women in particular, living in such a transnational arena. By studying their imaginations, social networks and migration experiences (that form the three main dimensions of this study), we are able to create a deeper insight into the meaning of transnational migration and the mobility aspect connected to it. An insight, that challenges the notion of a frictionless space and the ‘culture of migration’ that still exists in Ghanaian society. Therefore, an actor-oriented perspective has been chosen, whereby the voice has been given to the women under study. Their contrasting attitudes towards migration get presented in various transnational dialogues that illustrate the issue of migration from different perspectives (non-migrants, return migrants and actual migrants) as well as geographical angles (Ghana – Europe). With the help of the ‘attitude-shaping-cycle’ approach the study is able to show the high interconnectedness of the three main dimensions, their dynamic character, as well as the way they affect the women´s attitude towards migration.
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