Moving on to the active modes. A research on the potential of speed pedelecs becoming a major mode in computer traffic

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This research is drawn from the urgent need to move towards a sustainable mobility system whereby reduction of CO2 emission is attained and accessibility remains warranted. The Speed Pedelec, a power assisted bicycle which attains 45 km/h, may offer a potential solution to extent the average Dutch cycling trip from intra city to intercity trips. To assess its potential in commuter traffic and to find directives for stimulating speed pedelec use, insight has been provided in the behavioural intentions of current and potential users. The theory of planned behaviour has been the theoretical underpinning of the two conducted questionnaires. Results show that the average speed pedelec commuter is 45 – 55 years old, male, bridges 20 – 30 kilometre and 60% has replaced the car. The potential user group travels 10 – 30 kilometre on a one-way trip to work. This group has been segmented on car, public transport, bike and e-bike users. From their behavioural intention it has appeared to be valuable to address them with contrasting incentives to stimulate them to use a speed pedelec in commuter traffic. These directives need to be further explored and applied in the future to enable a shift towards sustainable mobility and accessible areas.
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