The Cultural Intelligent Team

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This research focuses on a new construct to measure cultural intelligence at team level (TCQ). In this research this new scale is tested in a business organization (R & D department) to see if this scale can be used to measure CQ of project teams. Once TCQ is measured I want to research if TCQ can influence the relationship between team cultural diversity and innovative work behavior. A diverse workforce is often seen as an antecedent of innovative work behavior, because of the different perspectives and ideas of the members of a team, which is assumed to create flexibility and creativity. Previous research mainly focused on cultural intelligence on an individual level (ICQ) to determine what capabilities were necessary to function in a cross-cultural environment. However, TCQ is an interesting new construct that can help a team to become more cultural intelligent and this may contribute to a higher level of team innovative work behavior. Using a mixed methods approach the relationship between team cultural diversity and team innovative work behavior was researched. This research shows that cultural diversity within a team is a complex construct and does not have a positive relationship with innovative work behavior of project teams. Nevertheless, the level of TCQ has a very positive and significant relationship with team innovative work behavior. Therefore alongside individual CQ, TCQ should be part of organizational training programs in order to use the full potential of members within a team and stimulate innovative work behavior. Further research is needed to test the dimensions of the TCQ scale and how these dimensions can affect other outcome variables such as team performance.
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