Architecture in Video Games

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In this bachelor thesis, I aim to further computer game literacy, by opening our understanding of computer games up to an architectural vocabulary. I’ve explained and studied what I take to be the remediation of architectural properties in computer games, to indicate a direct connection between the two media. For this, several case studies, which presumed a transparent immediacy in their display of architectural figures, proved the most concrete demonstrations. I then transposed those same architectural properties, as concepts to use for describing computer game possibility spaces. This builds on several theorists who’ve proposed a spatial understanding of computer games, but who have neglected to develop that with concrete tropes, figures and forms to describe. It required case studies that foregrounded abstract possibility spaces, with an alienating hypermediation and minimalistic use of remediative elements. ! The first chapter of this thesis explains my theoretical frame and methodology. The second and third chapters demonstrate analyses of the remediation of architecture, and the transposition of architectural properties to describe possibility spaces, for formal composition and architectural narrative instances.
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