"Public transport and mobility on-demand Research on the efficiency of on-demand taxi service Abel"

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Transport, as a form of (physical) mobility, is something that is fundamental to our economy and society: it matters to people, whether this is getting to work or school with ease, visiting friends and family or exploring the surroundings. Looking at the public transport sector in specific, it can be seen that this sector is facing a number of challenges and opportunities: trends as climate change and the growing world population put an ever growing pressure on urban passenger transport systems and many urban areas already have to deal with tremendous traffic problems. Therefore, cities are facing the challenging task to harmonize a sustainable and livable urban development. One thing governments and local authorities are doing to create a better urban environment is persuading people to switch transport modes, from private to public transport. Therefore, the demand for new and innovative solutions to increase the efficiency, attractiveness and sustainability of the urban passenger transport systems is rising. One new form of public transport are mobility on-demand services, that put the user at the center of their service. In this thesis the efficiency from an user’s perspective of on-demand taxi service Abel, located in Amsterdam, has been researched, to start solving the knowledge gap and provide the society with more insights into services that are important to lower the pressure on the urban environment.
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