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  • Schramowski, B.M. (2020-07-10)
    Bachelor Engelse taal en cultuur
    During World War II, many young women were made into sexual slaves by the Japanese military. These so-called “comfort women” stayed silent for close to five decades, finally breaking their silence in the 1990s. This has ...
  • Peeters, Y (2020-07-08)
    Bachelor Engelse taal en cultuur
    The relevance of The Pentagon Papers in regards and in comparison to Freedom of the Press in the 21st Century in the United States.
  • Lange, N.I. de (2020-07-08)
    Bachelor Engelse taal en cultuur
    This study is focused at the parental rights of U.S. males in regard to abortion and tries to map out and discuss historical events and policy which have influenced abortion rights. I will show how males have been affected ...
  • Weijman, L.C. (2020-07-17)
    Bachelor Engelse taal en cultuur
    Intimate partner violence is present in Latinx communities in the United States, and it affects many Latinas. One in three women has experienced domestic violence, but only half of them report it because they fear deportation, ...
  • Heijden, M. van der (2020-07-03)
    Bachelor Engelse taal en cultuur
    In this thesis, I will look at the process of constructing the romanticization of the American West between 1850-1900 to learn more about how the mythical “Wild West” came into being. The “Wild West” is usually one of the ...