Graphic Poe: Classics Illustrated Adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe.

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The aim of this thesis is to define how transfer from the original writing of Edgar Allan Poe into a comic book can harm or complement the source. The Classics Illustrated adaptations of the original short stories and poems by Poe were used as a case study in this thesis. Currently more than two hundred comic book adaptations of Poe's writing exist. The number of scholarly works that study those specific adaptations however, remains very limited. This thesis attempts to partially fill that void. This thesis first presents the taxonomy of the comics medium which is necessary for a further work on comic book adaptations. In the Second and the Third Chapters the original and modern comic book adaptations of Poe's works are analyzed and compared when applicable. This analysis reveals important aspects of transmediation of the classic literature into a comic book which can potentially harm or complement the source. Those aspects can either amplify and enhance the original message of the source, or oversimplify it. The results also show that the development of the comics medium in general brought an improvement in quality of comic book adaptations. However, it is worth noting that both the original and the modern series contain successful and unsuccessful adaptations.
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