CHANGING THE THERMOSTAT, BUT WHY? - a causal layered analysis to understand the different discourses concerning energy vulnerability and to explore just futures

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Within the transition towards cleaner forms of energy, focus is mostly put on technological and economical rationales. This focus is one of the main causes of energy vulnerability. This research links to justice research and is related to research on climate justice and vulnerability. There are five different spheres of energy vulnerability: economy, environment, social, politics, and technology. Eight different dominant discourses have been identified, based on these five spheres. These discourses have been analysed with help of the causal layered analysis, a method that tries to unravel the underlying systemic causes and worldviews of the discourse. The eight dominant discourses differ in focus, but the analysis showed that some share the same underlying worldviews. Furthermore, the quantitative content analysis showed that the topic gained significantly more attention since 2021, and that newspaper articles were mostly focused on the economic, and environmental side of the energy transition. Statistical analysis showed that people who adhere to the worldview of universalism are more likely to show environmentally friendly behaviour. Therefore, the dominant discourse of sustainable living, which is concerned with universalism at a deeper level, has been recommended as a starting point to reshape current futures.
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