The effect of the construction of cycling highways on cycling counts

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This thesis starts with the establishment of a problem. Namely that there is not enough ex-post evaluation research on the effect of cycling highways. To fill the knowledge gap this thesis answers the question whether the completion of cycling highways change the bicycling counts on these routes. It uses an approach that has not been used extensively analyzing cycling highways, namely an ex-post evaluation design. The evaluation design is an impact assessment with a natural experiment. This method is used because there is no control over the intervention. The analysis method is a difference-in-difference method. The literature study in this thesis contains both evaluation, cycling intervention and cycling highway literature. The concepts that have been discussed in the second chapter are used in the third chapter to build the research design. In the fourth chapter the results of this thesis are presented using various models and analysis types. Using the most complex model the effects of cycling highways are estimated to increase the bicycle count per hour on these routes by 39,8%. However, in the fifth and sixth chapter this number is nuanced. The shortcomings and lessons from this thesis are also discussed in these chapters.
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