Israel/Palestine and the One and Two State Solu-tion: Contesting the Labels. The role of sovereignty in NGOs online evaluation of the Peace to Prosperity Proposal

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Israel and Palestine claim the same land. The internationally accepted solution is the Two State Solution (TSS). However, the support of the TSS is decreasing, while the support for a One State Solution (OSS) is growing. Yet, President Trump presented ‘Peace to Prosperity’, which is another TSS peace proposal. The support for every peace proposal partly depends on multiple actors, including the support of NGOs. This research looks at the evaluation of Peace to Prosperity by six NGOs supporting an OSS or TSS by focussing on the concept of sovereignty. Israel's sovereignty is prioritized over Palestinian sovereignty. Peace to Prosperity will make de facto sovereignty of Israel in Palestine into de jure sovereignty. The OSS supporting NGOs, as well as the TSS NGOs rejected Peace to Prosperity. This research shows that there is not one single OSS or TSS. The visions about sovereignty between the OSS NGOs are different, as well as between the TSS NGOs. Besides, none of the TSS NGOs envisioned the TSS plan of Trump. This research did only focus on the role of NGOs. Future research is needed to provide more information about the support for this peace proposal.
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