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  • Dinteren van, T (2021-08-15)
    Master Political Science
    Mainstream parties have been seeing a decline in their vote share for a long time. Different scholars have come up with different reasons for that. Especially social democratic parties seem to draw attention and specific ...
  • Kuhn, Hannah (2021-09-30)
    Master Political Science
    Has the electoral success of Populist Radical Right Parties (PRRPs) changed the Western European party system? Which political background and voting history do voters have that realign to PRRPs and why do they switch to ...
  • Kusumawati, Yulinda (2021-05-28)
    Master Political Science
    Gender equality has been an ongoing issue, with public expectations that have become more complex. Yet, policy progress representing gender equality globally has been lagging, with levels of progress drastically different ...
  • Visscher, Kors (2017-07-04)
    Master Political Science
    In this thesis, an alternative definition of populism is proposed and tested. Using current definitions as stepping stones, it is suggested that populism should be understood not as an ideology, but as a conception of ...
  • Koenen, Stella (2021-08-30)
    Master Political Science
    While the political representation of women is increasing, there are still several areas of the political landscape where women remain underrepresented. One of these areas is the vote for populist radical right parties. ...
  • Engbers, J (2021-06-24)
    Master Political Science
    This thesis aims to examine the relationship between liberal ideology and environmental concerns by liberal parties. It provides a closer examination of how classical and modern liberal ideas influence varying types and ...