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  • Garczynski, Alexsej (2017-07-01)
    Master Political Science
    This thesis examines if the core moral issues connected with post-mortem organ donation policies are adequately addressed in the debate on organ donation between classical liberalism and perfectionist liberalism. Three ...
  • Hartman, S (2021-07-01)
    Master Political Science
    This thesis discusses and critiques the role humanism has played in the development of animal rights theory. Although this traditional of moral philosophy and political theory holds a radically egalitarian promise, questions ...
  • Hung Hong, Bui (2020-08-17)
    Master Political Science
    While peace could be considered a desirable goal in the international community, the normative framework of peace and peace movements have to face a significant number of challenges in the intellectual debate and practice. ...
  • Uitdehaag, Manouk; Uijtdehaag, Manouk (2017-07-01)
    Master Political Science
    Western-European countries have a sub-replacement fertility rate and as a consequence they age. Ageing countries may experience problems. One of the proposed solutions is raising the fertility rate by incentivizing procreation ...