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  • Mourabit, Redouan el (2017-03-29)
    Master Economics
    The objective of this research is to provide insight into the institutionalization of the adoption and further processing of teleworking. The next question was formulated to guide this research to its objective: How and ...
  • Melgert, John (2017-12-06)
    Master Economics
    Engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become very important for organizations. This thesis investigates how and why CSR is institutionalized through reviewing literature and a case study at Alliander. Literature ...
  • Frenay, Laurens (2017-12-06)
    Master Economics
    This thesis is aimed at generating a portrait of the modern-day controller, focusing especially on the business and financial controller functions. A critically important business function subject to fast-developing recent ...
  • Janssen, Alexander (2018-08-29)
    Master Economics
    Until now, research on the design of management control systems (MCSs) in startups, and in particular corporate startups, has been limited. Drawing upon the notion of Malmi & Brown (2008) that MCSs operate together as a ...