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  • Hoksbergen, J.H. (2015-09-24)
    Master Theology
    De christelijke toekomstverwachting of eschatologie kan vanuit de filosofie op verschillende manieren bekritiseerd worden. Een toekomstverwachting die op een geloof gebaseerd is zou geen geloofwaardig fundament hebben. ...
  • Closed Access
    Joseph, S. (2016-07-27)
    Master Theology
    This thesis is a comparative study of the works of Edwards, Johnson and Laudato Si’ of Pope Francis and explores ecospirituality from a Christian perspective.The main research question in this study is: What are the main ...
  • Mambueni, Y. (2018-02-22)
    Master Theology
    The ongoing pressure and challenges faced by the marriage institution and its doctrine of indissolubility and, the non-stop increasing number of Church members seeking for the nullity of their failed marriages, became the ...
  • Smeets, K.I.M. (2019-05-07)
    Master Theology
    This thesis investigates the question how to explain the apparent contradiction in moral interpretation between pope Urban II and pope Francis I with regard to the morality of public violence. Pope Urban II, who proclaimed ...
  • Veskoukis, C. (2020-04-15)
    Master Theology
    In this dissertation, I attempt to answer the following question: Is it possible to give a different interpretation of creatio ex nihilo so that to allow Christians to perceive human freedom in terms of absolute freedom ...