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  • Schotman, Ferdinand (2020-06-26)
    Master Political Science
    In this thesis, I set out to identify and statistically test the core explanatory factors behind Jair Bolsonaro’s 2018 election as president of Brazil. Based on various sources on the supply of ideas and stances from ...
  • Scholman, Luuk (2020-06-28)
    Master Political Science
    Some Latin-American countries are perfect examples of countries that transitioned to democracy and encountered clientelism. Research indicates that clientelism consists of actions taken by both patrons and clients on the ...
  • Krause, Iris (2020-05-24)
    Master Political Science
    Academic literature on Western European Christian Democratic parties often highlights the uniqueness of Nordic Christian Democratic parties. Although there are some uniting factors between Nordic and the Continental ...
  • Riehl, Wouter (2020-06-22)
    Master Political Science
    Two theoretical debates form the basis of this thesis. One debate is about globalization and relative deprivation. The globalization thesis argues that globalization created winners and losers and the losers are more likely ...
  • Veenhuysen, Casper (2020-06-26)
    Master Political Science
    Independent local parties have been on the rise in recent elections in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavian countries. Despite previous predictions that they would disappear, these small political parties, only ...