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  • Mellema, P. (2020-08-27)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    Pejoratives are words like jerk that convey negative attitudes towards their targets. Laudatives are words like sweetheart that convey positive attitudes towards their targets. Some theorists have hypothesised that laudatives ...
  • Heidari Tari, N. (2020-08-24)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    When considering altruism in animals, scientists look at fitness and outcomes. This type of altruism is called biological altruism. With humans, however, scientists and philosophers look at motivations behind the behavior, ...
  • Wertwijn, I. (2021-07-14)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    Language, as a social practice, involves abilities not specific to language, e.g. agency, attention, interaction, perception, memory and inferencing. Philosophical perspectives on language use can be enriched by integrating ...
  • Closed Access
    Battich, L. (2018-07-18)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    Two parents are looking together at their daughter as she takes her first steps in learning to walk unaided. They are both attending to their daughter and are both aware of each other’s attention. Everything about their ...