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  • Meeussen, Emma (2014-10-22)
    Researchmaster Cognitive Neuroscience
    Although often studied from a universalist perspective, colour terminology shows cross-linguistic variation. Several causes have been put forward for these differences, including environmental and cultural factors. The ...
  • Bucchianico, A. Di (2018-08-14)
    Master Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen
    The multiple benefits of the consumption of insects, among which high levels of nutrients (such as proteins and amino acids) and a low impact on the environment, have not been recognized yet by the western society. Emotional ...
  • Closed Access
    Atkinson, H.L. (2015-09-29)
    Master Taalwetenschappen/Linguistics
    The present study investigates whether olfaction is a domain that is congruently expressible in language. Amongst a growing interest in sound symbolism and the ability of language to express qualia, the relationship between ...