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  • Immens, L.A.G. (2011-06-23)
    Artificial Intelligence
    In many situations, humans are able to predict other agents’ behavior. It would be useful if a robot would also be able to do this. Cognitive models can be implemented in a robot. For robots and cognitive models, humans ...
  • Wijngaarden, C. van (2009-07-07)
    Artificial Intelligence
    The aim of social robotics is to make robots that are integrated in our daily life and cooperate with humans. For efficient cooperation, the understanding of actions of other agents is important. In Artificial Intelligence ...
  • Looise, S. (2011-01-03)
    Artificial Intelligence
    Action prediction is a complex and interesting quality from human beings. It is necessary to live in a normal way with other living creatures and even robots in the future. It is commonly believed that motor resonance ...