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  • Schipper, J (2019-06-29)
    Master Political Science
    This article focusses on the organizational culture of the military, and questions whether the culture is masculine or increasingly feminine. A theoretical framework has been created by combining the recruitment theories, ...
  • Bouwsma, N (2021-06-23)
    Master Political Science
    In 2000, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1325. This resolution was seen as revolutionary as it recognised for the first time that women and girls play a different role in conflict situations ...
  • Heutz, A (2019-06-30)
    Master Political Science
    Humanitarian organizations claim to cover for the seven fundamental principles of providing humanitarian assistance. Back in 2003, Carpenter showed with her analysis on humanitarian organizations that gendered norms are ...
  • Closed Access
    Pligt van der, Rascha (2020-08-17)
    Master Political Science
    The incompatibility of the dominant discourse in the new sexual education curriculum with the multicultural society in the Netherlands.