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  • Elzen, H. van den (2018-05-29)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    How we view time is important in the debate on future contingents. However, how exactly does the concept of time that one uses influence the arguments against fatalism in this debate? In this paper, the answers of Aristotle ...
  • Mellema, P. (2020-08-27)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    Pejoratives are words like jerk that convey negative attitudes towards their targets. Laudatives are words like sweetheart that convey positive attitudes towards their targets. Some theorists have hypothesised that laudatives ...
  • Closed Access
    Geraerts, Michelle (2021-01-25)
    Master Filosofie (Wijsbegeerte van een bepaald wetenschapsgebied)
    In deze scriptie stond de vraag centraal: ‘Hoe komt het dat talige framing bij het gebruik hiervan vaak het eigen doel voorbijschiet?’ Aan de hand van de casus van de Moriadeal en De Filosofie van het Alsof (DFA, Vaihinger ...
  • Meijer, C.T. (2018-08-29)
    Master Filosofie
    In this thesis, I look into the relation between the logical part and the cosmological part of Parmenides' poem. Their relation is problematic because halfway the poem, the Goddess who narrates it declared that the part ...
  • Jacobs, L. (2017-10-31)
    Master Filosofie
    The paradox of fiction lies in the seeming contradiction that we appear to have real emotions for fictional characters, while at the same time knowing that they do not exist. The several solutions all have their drawbacks, ...
  • Hendriks, M. (2016-07-18)
    Bachelor Griekse en Latijnse taal en cultuur
    In deze bachelorscriptie Grieks wordt gekeken naar de tragische aoristus binnen het corpus van Aristophanes en dus binnen komedie. Per geval wordt gekeken in hoeverre de tragische aoristus voortijdig, duratief, ingressief ...