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  • Schuurmans, Remy (2019-10-19)
    Master Political Science
    The discussion on the permissibility of assisted-suicide has been reignited in The Netherlands following the ‘worthy end-of-life’ legislative proposal. More commonly referred to as the ‘completed life’ (voltooid leven) ...
  • Martin, Jasper (2019-08-12)
    Master Political Science
    An important first disclaimer I wish to make before presenting my arguments is the following: this thesis is limited in its ability to provide a full image of the animal ethics debate. If it were to attempt such an ...
  • Pelikaan, Corjanne (2020-01-28)
    Master Political Science
    This thesis is about the moral obligations of states towards refugees and analyses three different theories on immigration ethics by David Miller, Seyla Benhabib and Joseph Carens. The asylum claims of refugees show the ...
  • Putman, Simon (2020-06-28)
    Master Political Science
    Figures show that over a billion people have left a situation of extreme poverty in recent decades. Although this is unquestionably a positive and desirable development, the image that can arise from this does not tell the ...
  • Stolk, Max (2019-08-12)
    Master Political Science
    In this thesis it is researched whether humanity should adhere to Cixin Liu’s Dark Forest Theory when meeting extraterrestrials for the first time. The theory’s form is comparable to a social contract theory and was therefore ...