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  • Closed Access
    Gulpen, Tim (2017-10-05)
    Bachelor Bestuurskunde
  • Closed Access
    Potters, Sander (2018-01-03)
    Bachelor Bestuurskunde
    De laatste jaren wordt er steeds meer gekeken naar gemeentelijk samenwerkingsverbanden. Het verschuiven van meer taken van het Rijk naar de gemeenten leidt tot een hogere nood om samen te werken. Een relatief nieuw fenomeen ...
  • Bruggen, M. van (2018-03-13)
    Philosophy: Research Master
    Although Hannah Arendt considers authority to have vanished from the modern world, her analysis in On Revolution shows she did not accept this disappearance. In her extensive analysis of authority in the American Revolution, ...
  • Valerio, Nicolin (2017-11-10)
    Bachelor Geografie, Planologie en Milieu
    This research focuses on the competitive water governance model, which was implemented in Indonesia during 2001, in the form of a devolution process. The analysis aimed to decompose each step of a good decentralized model ...
  • Blank de, Max (2017-06-09)
    Bachelor Politicologie
    With her proposal called ‘minimal marriage,’ Elizabeth Brake introduces the idea that marriage should be available for all caring relationships. On grounds of Rawlsian liberal justice and public reason, she argues that the ...